Gen 10 ~Tilly~ Chapter 20 part 2

~~Marci’s P.O.V.~~

A while ago Elias asked me if i would assist him and Miki in having a baby, i told him that wasn’t in my line of work. but he keeps asking me.

“I need to go find Clemens.. bye Elias!”

“Marci, please stop avoiding me…”

“Avoiding you?” I  denied it.

“Yes.. It’s Qorn tradition to seek help in these important matters when the wife can’t have babies.. and you are just being rude!”

“Elias we aren’t Qorn, and just because she has a tiny little amount of Qorn in her doesn’t mean she will appreciate you getting her a baby, so to speak..”

“She’s the one that had this wonderful idea actually, it’s tradition that the husband does all the arrangements. so how about it?” Elias smiled at me… is it just me or is Miki trying to use her match making abilities on her husband and me??

“Miki is crazy…!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Elias I’ve been in this household long enough to know that Miki isn’t…”

“Isn’t what?”

“Well for starters I’ve seen her medical papers..”

“What medical papers?!” he questioned.

“She had an estimated five more tinar cycles of life expected, that was four and a half cycles ago..”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am being serious Elias!”

“That isn’t very much time…i-i have to go.. i’ll talk to you later..”

~~Miki’s P.O.V~~

Today was the perfect day for the wedding, so lovely outside!
Elias walked over to me with a worried look on his face.

“We need to talk.” he said in a serious tone, narrowing his eyes as he looked down at me.

“Don’t worry about Nira she’ll be fine Elias.” I sighed.

“This isn’t about Nira..” He sat down next to me.

“Lovely day isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Miki?”


“I love you.” Elias put his arm around me.

“Today isn’t our day Elias.. It’s the Girls wedding d-” he cut me off  kissing me..

Elias is so clingy..

“Why didn’t you tell me that you don’t have much longer to live??”

“I thought it was obvious enough… plus you never asked.. is that why you are acting so weird?”

“I can’t lose you! it’s too soon Miki!”


~~Tilly’s P.O.V.~~

Octavio and i started heading back to the house to check on Nira, when we got distracted. because Octavio said something about going to Concoraadia Prime II tomorrow!

“Concoraadia!? Yes i’ll go with you!!” I got all excited.

“Nira and Clemens are coming too. so what i am thinking is you and the kids would stay with your cousin Stevia on Concoraadian while i take care of something.” he smiled, before kissing me..

Wait what does Octavio have to ‘take care of’ on Concoraadia Prime II?

I pushed him away a little. “Why do you need to go to Concoraadia?”

“Tilly, don’t push me away..”


he gave me a quick peck on the lips and then took my hand. “To the house!”

“And anyway i am meeting Hugh on Concoraadia.. or Marley, don’t know which name he wants to go with yet..” Octavio shrugged.

“Oooh so you are gonna be bonding with yourself?” I laughed.

“I prefer brother.. yes there will be some bonding.”

We walked into the house and found Nira and Clemens sitting on the couch.

“You kids had better be ready to go on a little trip tomorrow! the four of us are going to Concoraadia Prime II!” Octavio explained.

Nira and Clemens got really excited!

I followed Octavio upstairs.

“Tilly are you following me?”

“Maybe.” I giggled.

“I just wanna know what’s going an that’s all, Octavio.”

“Robin was a little spy for Tyree and now he knows where you are…”


“Yeah.. don’t worry i have everything under control.” Octavio grinned. “Tyree isn’t getting anywhere near you! You have my word!”

After Octavio’s newly wed daughters left the planet to go meet their husbands families, also Nira and Clemens went to bed. we got a little more alone time.

“So tomorrow-” Ocatvio started, i interrupted him.

“Is there a chance i can go with you too?”

“I thought you would want more time with Stevia.”

“You wanna be with me?” he said cuddling up to me.

“Of course i do.. please! i wanna see Hugh again!”

“Why, you think Hugh is cute?”

“Don’t tease me.. obviously you look just like him!”

” Is that a yes!?” Octavio asked pushing himself away from me..

“Your both Marley…”

“He has a long way to go before he is anything like me! I’m giving him a chance, but i would appreciate it if you wouldn’t refer to him as being me… the last thing i need is you falling for him.”

“You misunderstand. I only wanna know him as a friend.. why should you get to have all the fun?” i frowned.. staying with Stevia won’t be that much fun.

“Because i am a shape-shifter, and i need you to be somewhere safe while Hugh and i take care of Tyree…” Octavio came a little closer.

“Aww you are doing this for me aren’t you?”

“Well yeah. maybe i am tired of Tyree bothering you! and my fortuneteller has told me this is a good way to bond with Hugh, so double win!”

“You are the best Octavio!”

“For you i would do anything.” He glared into my eyes.

“Anything??” another little Clemens would be great! but he probably isn’t including that in his anything policy…

“You got it Princess!”

“That’s Queen Tilly to you!!”

Gen 10 ~Tilly~ Chapter 20 part 1

This morning we were woken up for a wedding ceremony.. quite the surprise for Octavio. i mean these boys all randomly showed up yesterday and they are getting married to the girls today?? somehow Octavio was really calm about it…

The girls look beautiful!

“So This is what you have been up to Miki? i must say i am impressed.”

“Aww, well your very welcome! i thought the girls would benefit with betrothals!”

“I presume they are going away for a few days after the weddings?”

“Of course.”

“Okay good, i suggest you and Elias go on a trip too!” Ocatvio smiled. he wants to get rid of everyone?? wonder what’s gotten into Octavio today…

Luther Maroxes & Bristle look so sweet together.

So does Julio Easley & Bree!

And Lenny Burns & Sachi.

Though Nira looked a bit lonely standing by the alter alone, until Briar came over to her.

“Nira what’s wrong? where is Robin?”

“I don’t know.. i think he stood me up!”

“I’m sure he’ll show! just give him time..”

lastly there is Trent Tama & Briar!

All the girls seemed to be having a grand time, except Nira who sat down at the picnic table all alone..

~~Octavio’s P.O.V.~~

Today is the most perfect day for a wedding. thanks to my fortune teller i had insight that this was happening ahead of time..
My only real complaint is that one of them happened to be a spy for Tyree…

Tilly walked over to Nira, who looks so incredibly hurt. i hope she will be okay..

“Why isn’t Nira with Robin??” Miki asked Elias.

“He has gone missing. i think he bailed on her..” Elias sighed.

I walked over to the picnic table to see how Tilly was doing with cheering Nira up.

“Where is he??” Nira cried.

“Sorry sweetie but he’s long gone..” I said to Nira.

“How can he be gone!? Miki Promised me he would stay!” she started to cry more..

Tilly looked at me, then whispered, “You aren’t helping.. go talk to Miki about this, i’ll take care of Nira..

“I am really happy you want to help me out with my daughters, but-”

“There is this sweet little girl i met when Elias and i were out and about, who would be just perfect for Clemens!”

“NO! Miki, Nira is really upset.. maybe you should go apologize to her for getting her hopes up! Why did you pick someone from Meroze?!”

“I can find her another, relax. what does it matter where he came from? he seemed nice to me.” she shrugged.

“You are not finding her another boyfriend.. sometimes Miki you make me really angry, you know that?! and i don’t let everything make me mad..”

“The other boys are not gonna walk out on your daughters! you have my word Marley.”

“Don’t expect a a niece of the month award!”

I turned to look at Nira and tilly when i heard Nira raise her voice, “WOULD YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE TILLY!? you aren’t my real mom…” Nira yelled standing up and running away from Tilly..

“We will talk about this later Miki..”

I put my hands on Tilly’s shoulders, she looked stunned.

“Nira yelled at me, she’s never yelled at me like that before.. sometimes i forget i am only their stepmom…”

“She didn’t mean it Tilly..  the girls will always love you, you were there when they came out of their eggs! you even named some of them, that was before you were their stepmom too!”

“You named Nira.”

“So what.” I rubbed my fingers against her cheek, she couldn’t help but smile. “There’s my favorite smile!”

“Shouldn’t you go after her?”

“Nah lets give her some space. where was i, oh yes your pretty smile!”

I twirled her around and gave her a few kisses.

~~Nira’s P.O.V.~~

I ran to the house and back to moms grave, Clemens found me and came running to me..

“Nira, I’m sorry Robin left, i tried to warn you, he was mean to me..” Clemens tugged on my arm.

“Clemens, go play in the mud or something… can’t you tell i wanna be alone?” i shooed him away.

“Nira.. don’t be sad!” he looked up at me with his adorable little eyes..

“Too late i already am.. I wish my Mom was here..”

“Mom is at the wedding.. maybe if you go back, you will see her!” He smiled.

“My mom isn’t alive Clemens. we don’t have the same Mom…” I explained.

“We don’t? what about Briar, Bree, Bristle and Sachi? is my mom their mom too??” he gave a worried face..

“No, they have the same Mom as me, her name is Nin! we never got to meet her..”

“I don’t wanna be an only child! I LOVE YOU!!” He started to cry..

“Aww Clemens. you aren’t an only child at all, we have the same father!”

“Whew that’s a relief! It would be sad if you weren’t my big sister Nira!”

“You are so cute Clemens..”

Marley’s secrets unfold

Hugh made me promise him i would not be rude to his friends..

“Hello Tilly Liella, nice to see you have been taking care of.” Hugh said to our former Queen of Tinar… this is where she ran off to!?

“I’m well! this is Jrudy, we’re engaged! i love him so much! we’ve had a lot of fun since i got here!”

not too long ago she said something similar about her king Jaxith.. she did love him.. if she didn’t run off Hugh wouldn’t have been banished from Tinar.. i could yell at her…

I stepped forward, in front of Hugh, he glared at me.. i said i would be nice but that was before i know the circumstances..

“Wait until i tell your mother where you are hiding!” I said sternly..

“Really Desiree? you seriously think my mother scares me?!” she laughed

“Excuse me would you happen to know your mate there is not what he seems to be?? Tilly told me all about it, how when she was little she saw him turn into a Qorn just like her uncle..”

“Huh??” that’s a silly idea.. hugh a qorn?

“Don’t be ridiculous i am nothing of the sorts i am a Tinar!

“Than you don’t mind me giving you a quick scan do you..”

“Yeah sorry but you aren’t reading as a Tinar at all..”

“What is he talking about, your not… i would know, he would have told me!”

“My tech doesn’t lie..” Jrudy said before pressing a button on his device that set off an alarm..

He sat back down and clasped his hands. “Wait until my father hears i captured two of Tinars Advisers to the Queen!!”

“Please this isn’t neccisary, we came for peaceful reasons! I apologize for my wife’s rude words…”

“Hugh, i meant every word would you be quiet!

“Some of our best droids are coming to take you to your cells, don’t try to escape.”

“Desiree, we better go!” Hugh yelled, he grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him..

We lost them.. for now.

“Hugh it’s so terrible you think you know someone but then they change…”

“Don’t rub it in, i don’t wanna talk about those readings, or any kind of change!”

“That’s not what i was talking about.. Hugh, i know you are a Tinar, those readings were forged, i know they are.. you don’t expect me to trust an alien device from this world do you!?” i reasured him.

“Honestly, i was talking about Tilly Liella… are you okay?”

“I think that scan messed with me, maybe it was a probe of some kind… i-i can’t hold this..” he rubbed his head. then right before my eyes he transformed….

“WHAT?!” I yelled..

“Oh snap..” he looked at his hands and noticed he changed.. then he turned away from me quickly…

“We should not have come here…”

“Shut up! We’ve been together for so many years why won’t you LOOK AT ME!? are you not my hugh??Who are you!?”

“Calm down.. Desi calm down, i’m who you know me to be…”

I grabbed his jacket and pulled him closer to me.. “Don’t desi me! You, you were a Qorn this entire time!? Hugh!? is that even your name?!”

“You don’t like me do you?” he frowned.. “Desiree this is exactly why i never showed you-”

“So you still do like me?? my birth name is Marley Kintey.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me??” Questioned him. the first qorn i’ve seen in real life, in their real form and it’s Hugh? i thought i would see Octavio first… never did i suspect Hugh…

“I have a clone running around portraying to be me, you know him, you used to have a crush on him..”


“Yeah, my sister messed with the time line, and i got blamed because i wasn’t from that time she was… so i was thrusted into the mirror of Qorn.. and thus Octavio came to tinar in the damaged pod my sister tampered with. basically we are the same person…”

“Slow down.. so you hating octavio, is you hating yourself? that’s why you never told me?”

“I don’t hate myself..”

“Yes you do.. we should get you help this could be mental!”

“More like personal..”

“Here i was begging to think you were the most boring person on all of Tinar! I’m happy i was wrong!”

~~Hughs P.O.V.~~

After we knew the security droids were long gone, we came across a hotel on our way down the street.

“We would like, twin beds?” i looked at Desiree, to see what she felt would be appropriate..

“The honeymoon suite!!”

“No please just make it a room with a double bed, nothing fancy..” he handed me the key and then i walked to the door, desiree just sighed..

We had a quick little chat before we fell asleep. i honestly think this is the most we’ve talked to each other in the last 3 months… Desiree really is the best.

Not long after our chat i was out like a light.. that probe scan thing early really took the energy right out of me…

I awoke when i was almost drown by loss of air… i swam to the edge of the pool, i recognize this place.

Brr that water is cold!! i pulled myself out of the pool quickly.. luckily the sun is warm.. I heard whispering from behind me…

“Hello Marley, you remember me, your fortune teller from Qorn, i always hoped we would meet again.”

“Dad?!” I smiled looking behind my fortune teller.

“Marley That is your other self the Qorn King Marley.”

“You two really do look alike, but he looks like he hasn’t been eating enough fruit, he’s got some lines on his face! are you sure we can trust him Octavio?”

“Nin he’s just the challenge i need right now, and yes we can trust him, he is me after all..”

“Come along Nin lets leave the Marley’s alone!”

“Of course.”

“Don’t go so fast you two!”

“You can do this!!”

“Welcome to my tent.”

“You are wearing my fathers robes!?”

“He’s my father as much as he is yours. i can get you one of our family robe if you want..”

“What do you want Octavio?”

“You are going to meet Tilly and I on Concoraadia Prime II at the space transit station in 2 days!”

“Why should i listen to you?”

“Because i released you from that mirror and you owe me one!”

“I payed you back already that same day!”

“My Fortune teller tells me you are on Meroze and you told Desiree about yourself. he feels you are ready to help me!”

“He’s my fortune teller too..”

“Even more the reason why you should trust him and me! if we work together i promise things will start looking up for you!”

“What exactly are we going to do on Concoraadia Prime II?”

“I can’t tell you yet, 2 days at the space transit station! don’t forget, oh and bring desiree, if you like.”

The Wilks

As I walked into the throne room, everyone gave me an odd look.. honestly, it’s strange that there are so many of the castles staff here so early.. did i forget something important was happening today?
No no, i never forget anything important…

I did say we would talk in the morning, but i didn’t intend for it to be a group meeting.
I slowed myself, Una stood up and came to me. she looks quite unhappy..

“Queen Una is everything okay?”

“The only thing that is not okay here, is you Hugh! ..or should i say Marley..”

“Excuse me..?”

“Don’t you dare! You have any idea how rude it is to lie to ME the Queen of Tinar in MY THRONE ROOM!?”

“Una..” it would appear Octavio told her my secrets…

“That is Queen Una Lizzelle to you! Listen to me and listen good! you’ve been an annoying stick in the mud ever since you became my Adviser all that time ago! do not expect the same kind of treatment as Octavio! I want you off my planet and out of my system of planets! if you fail to comply, my military will not hesitate to destroy you, the first chance they get!”

“They can’t do that, I happen to be a Qorn, an endangered species of alien that your family destroyed along with my entire home world. while your mother was queen she signed a treaty promising Tinar would never again destroy any worlds or their inhabitant! I am one of the endangered, you can’t do anything to me Queen Una.” I looked her in the eye, with no hesitation i said, “Unless of course you would dishonor your mother and break that treaty, ruining your relations with the neighboring worlds and create another war, most likely with the Concoraadians..” Hope she doesn’t accept that as a challenge..

“He’s got a good point Una.” Daz said in my defense.. “I know how strong and capable you are as Queen, but right now that would not be a wise move..”

“You aren’t seriously gonna let Daz Advise you, are you?”

“Daz can say what ever he wants to me! now why are you still in my throne room!? You have a day to clear off of my Planet! now if you would kindly leave, i have many other more important matters to attend to this morning!!”

Octavio will pay for this.. i can’t believe i trusted him to keep that secret…

I went right home, from the castle, took a nice look at my home.. that after today i will never see again..
I walked inside and headed to my desk to pack my personal stuff..

“Hugh?? what are you doing home early? shouldn’t you be at the castle helping Una through her current situation? it’s just terrible that her daughter the young Queen ran away like that..”

“I’m not going to be helping Queen Una anymore!! I am being banished!”

“WHAT!? surely it’s a misunderstanding, you’ve never done anything to deserve this!?”

“It’s not a misunderstanding..”

“Is this about us!? did they find out!?”

“I’m sure they know about us Desiree, but don’t worry, they said nothing about you being banished..”

“And Kaif?”

“They said nothing about him either..”

“That’s odd, he’s been getting really close to their daughter Aliye.. you know just a while ago, he accompanied them all to King Daz’s family’s home on the island of Vurz?? Kaif told me all about it, he and Aliye even talked about starting a family!” Desiree carried on. she needed to be interrupted!

“That’s wonderful.. I need to finish packing.. umm Desi?”

“Yes Hugh?”

“Will you come with me?”

“You know i would, you don’t even have to ask!! a change of scenery would be nice! Where are we going?”


“What, why would we go there!?”

“I happen to have a few friends there..”

~~Kaif’s P.O.V~~A Few Hours Later~~

I arrived home from my new job, to find a note from my dad in my room..

He pretty much said that the Queen found him out, and if i was smart i would drop my life here on Tinar, leave Aliye and meet him and my mom on the planet Meroze… but if i decided to stay he left me the deed to the house.. did he seriously give me a choice!?

Obviously i am not leaving..

I invited Aliye over to tell her the news.. if she doesn’t already know. i trust she didn’t tell her parents about my dad..

“Nice to see you too…” she said after i kissed her.

“Sorry i called you on such short notice, i know you are busy being a princess and all that’s going on with your family…”

“You sounded so depressed when you called.. my mom has time scheduled to talk to me about something later, but i have time to squeeze you into my day!”

“And for that i am grateful. my dad was banished from Tinar this morning..”

“So that’s what my mom wants to talk about…”

“Probably to tell you to leave me, like my dad said i should do to you… why do they have to build up a big family feud around us!?”

“My mom wouldn’t tell me to leave you..”

“She would if she was giving you the thrown and she had a suitor picked out to be your King!”

“We have melded though.”

“We have not! we haven’t had any time to, since i started my first job..”

“She doesn’t know that..

When do you have to be back at the Castle exactly?”

“In about four hours, i can be a little late.”

“Good that is just enough time to meld and get a nap in! we’ve put this off long enough!” I smiled. she just stared at me in disbelief.

“It’s nothing too fancy but this is my bedroom.”

“Are we really going to meld?”

“Yes!” i turned to Aliye taking her hands.

“Today was such a pleasant surprise!”

“I love you Aliye.” Melding with Aliye was really great, connecting our minds is just what i needed.

Gen 10 ~Tilly~ Chapter 19 part 3

“Uncle Octavio your awake?”

“Huh who’s there??” I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room. my eyes are being slow at focusing..

I stood up and then i saw the one i heard, “It’s me Milo. I am so sorry mister uncle Octavio sir.. i didn’t know my pet squirrel would actually make you sick.. on behalf of my squirrel friend who is not here and myself i sincerely apologize. can you forgive us??”

“I forgive you Milo.” I hugged the kid.

“So i’ll be seeing you kid, i need to get going home!”

~~Tilly’s P.O.V~~

It seems like only yesterday Clemens was crawling around..

Already he’s sprouted into a child!

Not only that all the girls have found love all suddenly at the same time!

Trent Tama & Briar

Luther Maroxes & Bristle

Julio Easley & Bree

Lenny Burns & Sachi

there is also Robin Cote & Nira.. but i have not seen Nira’s new boyfriend yet. he really keeps to himself.. all i know is what Clemens tells me about him.

“Mom I’m Telling you Robin makes me really upset.. he was so rude to me.”

“Aww I’m sorry baby..”

~~Elias’s P.O.V.~~

Miki’s aranged engagements for Octavio’s children has really gone smoothly with him being gone! Miki is quite pleased.

Marci didn’t like what Miki was doing, behind Tilly and Octavio’s back.. she has been quite verbal about it to Miki and me too…

Kryton my robotic friend broke down out in the bushes this morning.. he’s been glitching a lot since we left Tinar.. the weather here isn’t good for his circuitry.

My Wife Miki has been glued to her family book.. reading up on her family’s traditional wedding they would have on the Qorn home world..

I must admit it’s amazing how devoted she’s been to this.. but i can’t help but feel ignored, it’s been so long since we’ve done anything together… she is way too distracted. all the warning signs were there, and i fell right into it Miki’s trap. i love her but i should have taken this slower…

~~Tilly’s P.O.V.~~

After a busy day cleaning up the house, i headed upstairs to take a nap, and i found Octavio fast asleep on the bed… when did he get home?

I quickly noticed a tattoo on his arm.. that wans’t there before..



“When did you get this done??” I rubbed my hand across his arm.

Octavio sat up and patted the bed next to him. “Come here and i’ll tell you all about it.”

“I have been chosen as the Qorn King!!” Octavio looked into my eyes.

“Chosen? by who?? did Una appoint you as a king?”

“No.. It was really very magical, i was on Qorn and i was chosen, that’s what these markings on my arms mean!”

“That’s really great Octavio! anything else happen?”

“Yes a lot happened.. I saw Nin!”

“You did!? How??” I asked pulling away..

“As i told you, it was like magic.. my sister was there too!” He held onto my hand.

our bedroom door opened and Clemens came in slowly.. “Mom can i take a nap in here with you mommy??” he paused looking at Octavio. “Dad’s home and no one told me!?”

Octavio jumped up from the bed and ran over to Clemens.

“Look at you, you’ve been growing!!

“Dad!! Clemens hugged his father, octavio looked over at me and smiled.

~~Robin’s P.O.V.~~ Later That Evening~~

I’ve single handedly discovered the location on the Princess Tilly of Tinar!! on my home world there is a huge reward for her location info!! I am going to be rich!

Good thing i brought my message transmitting device with me!!

“Hello This is Robin Cote~ I would like to report the location of Princess Tilly to King Tyree!!

“Thank you King Tyree will be most pleased!”

“Who was that? we haven’t gotten a call on that line for some time now, did someone find-”

“Yes Tyree, someone of the name of Robin Cote has found Princess Tilly’s Location, and sent us the coordinates. what will be your course of action my love?”

~~Miki’s P.O.V.~~

“The sun has come out and today is the big wedding day!!”

“This kimono is kinda itchy..” he complained itching his arm..

“What were you expecting? it’s not exactly a new Kimono Elias.. would you be careful, don’t put any holes in it, it’s so fragile!

“Right you said your great great grandpa had this on at his wedding? i would never put holes in one of your precious family heirlooms Miki..” he stated.

“Yes and you look so wonderful in it Elias!” I started tearing up.. he reached his hand out for me.

“Miki everything is perfect. you did great!”

“Thank you!”

“Miki If only there was this much thought and planning put into our wedding..”

“Is that jealousy i hear in your voice?!”

“Yes maybe a little.. we got married in my Study…”

“Well you never complained at the time! so don’t be mad at me when it’s your own fault!” I pulled myself away from him. “Now if you don’t mind i need to go help the brides get ready.. and leave Tilly her invitation to the wedding it’s really a shame Octavio isn’t back yet…”

“Miki he is back, i saw him yesterday evening..”

“Good for him, he won’t be missing all his daughters weddings after all!! i just hope he appreciates all the work i put into this!”

Gen 10 ~Tilly~ Chapter 19 part 2

~~Nin’s P.O.V.~~

“Just look at him sleep. isn’t he handsome?” I asked my sister Melba.

“Yes i know.. and you were lucky he found you, you’ve told me a million times..” Melba stated.

“But it’s finally happening!! he’s proven himself! he has been granted the markings of the Qorn King. I told you he was good!” i rubbed my hands together. “Didn’t i tell you he would be perfect?!”

“You did, over and over again..”

“Shhhh quiet Nin your gonna wake him..” Melba complained.

“How would that be bad, after all i’ve missed him, i wanna know how our children are. i wanna hear his noble story!”

“You need to have patients Nin.”

“It’s so hard…”

~~Octavio’s P.O.V~~

Could have sworn i just heard Nins voice just now…

“Melba Look he’s awake!!” Nin laughed…

“Nin? is that really you?”

“YES!” she stood up from her chair and I sat down next to me.

“I’ve never seen you dressed up so fancy. are you really real? it’s been so long Nin!”

“Yes it’s been forever!! so Octavio i see you grew your hair out. it looks good!”

“I’m glad you like it.. i thought i would never get to see you again Nin!”my eyes started to swell up. i came a little closer to her then she pushed my head away. i probably deserved that…

“We don’t have time for this… aren’t you gonna tell me about our children? oh and how are my birds, you’ve been taking care of them right!?”

“Nin the birds, are fine.. and our girls! we have five daughters, Nira, Sachi, Bree, Briar, and Bristle! was that too fast, honestly i don’t know where to start…”

“Wait a second, we don’t have a son?” she asked abruptly.

“You wanted a son?” i never knew.

“Noo see these markings, Octavio.”

“Those are new… wait i’ve seen these feather markings in the family books.. what did they mean again..?” i asked…

“With the right circumstances they will be given to a Qorn so nobel, brave, and pure. the hidden text in Qorn books has a secret that the one chosen must have a son, to have as an understudy to learn the ways of the Qorns noblest..”

“I’ve been marked as the Qorn King haven’t i?

“I get attached by a squirrel and i get marked as the lead Royalty of Qorn??”

“Umm, a Squirrel? I don’t follow..”

“This hairy little monster with a big tail.. honestly i don’t even know how i made it out alive… wait i am alive right?!” i asked..

“Octavio, if you weren’t alive you wouldn’t have been marked as the King of the Qorn!”

“Are you really real?”

“In a way i am, but Alive, no.. it’s very nice seeing you again! I have a kimono ready for you, it is a match to mine since you don’t have any family.”

“MARLEY!! i am so proud of you!!” Kira lunged at me from nearly nowhere, she leaped into my arms…


“I’m sooo sorry i was so mean to you… will you ever forgive me!? what do you say little brother, forgive me??”

“Yeah okay…”

“Octavio who is she? why is she calling you Marley?”

“Haha my methods of raising you worked! honestly this was in the plans for you all along!”

“I forgive you, but don’t tease me Kira..”

“Who are your friends here Octavio??” Nin asked looking confused.

“This is my big sister Kira, her husband Liivar..”

“Marley, that throne is all yours!! you should sit in it!!”

“You do have a family??”

“You bet he does, he has five daughters too, and a little boy too! who are you again?”

“No one…” Nin looked a bit confused.

I sat down on the throne like chair.. it was made out of actual gold, pretty much everything here is..

“She’s my first wife Nin.”

“Me your first wife? that’s so formal, but we didn’t even have a real Qorn wedding!”

“Excuse me everyone please leave the king needs some space..” my fortuneteller from Qorn said.. he shooed everyone out of the tent, all except Nin..

“You are his Fortuneteller?! how is that possible? there weren’t any other Qorns…”

“Your right, he met me in the past, when he visited his father using his family book.. you must be his first wife.. anyway, i am here for the King of Qorn, not you. there is some things we need to discuss, you don’t mind waiting do you?” he asked Nin..

I wonder what i can do as the Qorn King.. i never read up on it too much cause i never thought i would be one..

~~Milo’s P.O.V~~

Dad and i rushed my uncle to tinars royal hospital. we sat in the waiting room for a little over an hour, while the doctor cured him.
Not long after we were finally allowed to see him.

“I’m so sorry dad, chuckles didn’t mean to make Uncle Octavio sick…”

“He’s going to be okay now Milo. now you know not to let that squirrel attack!”

“I still feel so guilty.. do you think he will ever forgive Chuckles and I?”

“I’m sure he will Milo..” my dad pat me on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, please keep your voices down.. he’s gonna need lots of sleep to recover.. ” the doctor said as he entered the room.

~~Daz’s P.O.V.~~

“Milo why don’t you take a seat, you can stay here with him till he wakes i need to go to the castle…”

“I’m wondering if i can run a few several extra tests on this qorn? after all it’s been a long time since there was a Qorn on Tinar!”

“His name is Octavio, he’s married to Princess Tilly, i suggest you leave him alone. you wouldn’t want Queen Una angry over this, would you?” I questioned the doctor..

“No of course not… i am sorry, i asked.

“Milo, is staying here with him.. I must go to see the Queen..”

I left the hospital.

~~Una’s P.O.V.~~

I really have not missed this one bit…

“Una please pay attention..”

“Wilks it’s so late.. i am so tired i could fall asleep right now.. today has been a tough day!” I yawned.. “Can we pick this up tomorrow?”

“..I expect more from you! don’t let personal feelings get in the way, you need to choose a runner up heir to the throne! i suggest you allow Aliye to take the throne, she already has a suitor.. she would fit the role as queen perfectly.”

“Hugh Wilks, Kaif is your nephew… seems more like family favors than a perfect match, unless you can prove me wrong..” I said to Wilks.

Daz just then showed up, he looked over at me from the other side of the sofa.

“Daz, Hugh is getting a little carried away over here..”

“I can believe that? what did he say this time?” Daz asked me.

“He suggested that Aliye should take the throne, i said that would be a family favor to him, since Kaif is his nephew..”

“The choice is yours Una Lizzelle, not mine, not his..”

“I like to hear what you have to say!”

“Good i have a lot to say. if it’s all right with you?” he came closer to me.

“Excuse me your majesty Queen Una!! this is between us, Advisor and Queen , not Daz!” Hugh yelled.

“Sorry but Hugh is right Daz, as the Queen i must discuss this with him, we can talk later…” Daz stared into my eyes, as to say he’s not going anywhere… “Don’t give me that look..” Daz peered over at Hugh than back at me.. “I know you don’t trus-” he grabbed me into an embrace and kissed me just then..

“EXCUSE ME!! KING DAZ!!  I insist that you leave us alone at once!!”

~~Daz’s P.O.V.~~

I kissed her even more, not only to upset Hugh, but Una was actually really enjoying it, of course i am too!

“WE WILL TALK FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!” Hugh yelled.. “Expect to be woken up extreemly early Queen Una!!” he scoffed..

Hugh Wilks stomped off as well.. quite noisy! “The humiliation i’ve been through…” Hugh said under his breath as he walked away, “What a crummy week it’s been…”

“Daz, was that really necessary? yes i know he was boring me to death but still…” Una whispered.

“He’s been pestering you all day long, hasn’t he? i was not about to let him have you all night too! you need a break, also i need to tell you something, so in the end we both win.”

“Making Hugh upset might be fun, but it’s not good.. you of all tinar should know that… he’s a very powerful Adviser.. ” she lectured me.

“I know.. i know. but your much more powerful. the Queen of Tinar is not a role to be taken lightly.” I lectured her back.

“I am glad you are in a better mood than you were earlier.. Daz did you have a good day at work?”

“Work was great for the most part… but i wouldn’t call this a better mood, Milo is with Octavio in the Tinar’s Royal Hospital.” i filled her in.

“Why, what happened?! wait i don’t wanna know… can there be any good news today??” she asked me.

“Good news? i know it isn’t necessarily news but, you are very beautiful today. actually you are beautiful everyday..” i smiled.

“Yeah you say that just about everyday..” Una frowned.

“Sorry, if it’s getting old.. but you are.” I took her hand, we stood up. I was about to take her to our room, but Hugh was standing in that hallway.. so i lead her to the dining-room.

“Why did you bring me in here?” Una asked, confused as she should be…

“I wanna show you what happened today. after that little display i pulled to get Hugh to go away, i feel you won’t believe me if i plainly tell you myself.” i tried my hardest to explain..

“I’m too tired Daz.. i am so ready to lay my head on a pillow and sleep! Hugh is gonna have me woken up early too…”

“Please! Octavio told me something about Hugh it’s vital you hear it!! unlike that terrible adviser, i am not going to keep secrets from you! please let me share it with you..”

“Okay, okay, just promise me we will go to bed right after..” she said.

“I promise.” i kissed her cheek before we connected our minds through a meld.


Gen 10 ~Tilly~ Chapter 19 part 1

~~Daz’s P.O.V.~~

The family visit on Vurz ended early.. when we got the troubling news of our beloved daughter…

Una and i went our separate ways today, i am expected to stay at the castle with her.. but my school is so important to me i have to make arrangements for my extended leave…

Octavio showed up telling me he has bad news..

“This morning Una and i got some awful news… really nothing could be worse than my daughter the Queen of Tinar running away with a mystery lover!”

“That explains why Una wasn’t at your house.. she’s at the castle isn’t she?” Octavio said.

“Yes, i would be there with her but i was already away visiting my family on Vurz.. not only that my substitute did a terrible job while i was gone… i have a huge pile of homework to grade.”

“You did want to be a teacher, didn’t you? you also have an obligation to Una and the castle..”

“You think i don’t know that?! It would have been nice if my daughter Tilly wouldn’t be so much trouble.. she really loved Jaxith, they really seemed happy together and now this!? Una and i are being recalled to be the Queen and King again, Wilks and Una are discussing the options as we speak..”

tears fell from my eyes..

“Daz you really need to be there with Una! look as a former Advisor you should take my advice! you can’t trust Wilks!”

“I never really have trusted Wilks, Una does, that’s all that really matters right now. so many other things to be concerned with, than a personal problem i have with Hugh Wilks…”

“Is that all it is Daz? it’s not as personal to you, as it is to me… you wouldn’t even have to put up with Hugh if it wasn’t for me-”

“This isn’t your fault, he took your place as an Advisor, it was fate..”

“Actually Hugh isn’t what he appears to be.. he’s been deceiving Una far worse than i ever did, not only that he’s been deceiving his wife!”

“Hugh got married!? when?!”

“Una’s Adviser Wilks married Desiree… they have a son too, spends a lot of time with your daughter.. they even share the same exact birthday…

“Hugh and Dresiree?! you are telling me that Kaif is their son!?? your making this up aren’t you? there is no way you would know all this to be true… tell me your joking, things are bad enough as it is!!”

“I promised Tilly i would tell you the truth.. Hugh is a Qorn.. not just any Qorn, he’s the very reason i exist.. I turned him back into a Qorn with one touch to his arm just last night in front of Tilly too. i’m not lying to you Daz.”

“I should have known… Kaif eats way more than any Tinars i know!”

“Don’t take this out on Kaif, it’s Marleys fault! you know Desiree doesn’t even know…”


“That’s.. his name.”

“It sounds like a villians name!”

“Does it?”

“Octavio, please come with me to the castle after my class!!”


“You need to tell Una this!”

“Can’t you just tell her? i need to go home..”

“Octavio. we would like for you to also be our adviser, you’ve proven yourself! Hugh is going to be removed from the castle as soon as Una hears this!”

“Daz the king of Tinar can’t give such a position to someone, only the queen can! and that can only happen if her advisers are unfit to be in the castle, and her mothers previous advisors don’t come back to make sure the right advisers are chosen.”

“I’m more than sure Una would agree. …oh dear would you look at the time, the kids are all here, i’ve gotta go to the classroom! just stay right here Octavio i have dozens of books they should keep you busy for the next few hours!”

“What about all the homework you said you needed grading?”

“You’d really help me out with that? it’s on my desk! thanks your a lot of help!”

“That’s not what i meant…” Octavio muttered to himself, i didn’t quite catch it i was already half way out the door.

I gathered up the children and we went up to the classroom.

Teaching the kids Tinar history was my dream. it felt bittersweet going into it, knowing today could be the last time to share my knowledge on the subject with them for a year or longer… i hope  Una and i can clear up the mess our young Tilly Liella left us quickly, so things can go back to normal.

~~Octavio’s P.O.V~~

I picked through Daz’s homework from his students and it reminded me how much i dislike studying… i don’t even remember half these things he teaches. maybe it’s cause, i’m not interested in it now Qorn history is my thing now!

Hours passed i saw the students leaving, Daz never came back to his office so i headed up to his classroom.

“Well how did it go? tell me you got all of it graded!?”

“Uh about that…” I paused. “My Tinar history is pretty rusty, and i haven’t read Tinar in a long time.. but i did work through it and i got 3 graded!”

Daz gave me a concerned look.. “Maybe you should have sat through my class. Una did tell me once your test scores didn’t flatter her mothers advisers much.”

“I had a certain little princess distracting me, a lot of the time she was hiding my books from me. so are you done here?

“Uncle Octavio, you lied to my dad! the Squirrels aren’t bad at all!”

Where did you get that!?” i asked taking a step back.

“MILO!” his dad yelled.

“LOOK! Chuckles won’t hurt you!!” he shoved the squirrel up next to my face.. i could feel my skin begin to crawl… i looked at my hands and sure enough blue spots began to form…

The room began to spin, all i could really see was that sqirrel laughing at me… and then there was nothing, as i fell light headed to the floor..